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Coping with depression and grief during the holidays

The holidays are often a difficult time for many people, and COVID-19 may bring some additional challenges and worries this year. While the typical stress this time of year usually comes from planning, shopping, cooking, and preparing for the holidays; stress this year may arise from worrying about staying safe and not being able to see family/friends. Being away from [...]

Being Mentally Healthy

Being mentally healthy can look different for each of us, as everyone has their own struggles they are dealing with and journey’s they are on. Start with looking at where you are now and where you want to be and work towards this goal. How are you currently coping? This is a question I often ask myself and should be something you ask yourself as well! Finding efficient [...]

How to offer help as a peer

Have you ever walked into the office and noticed one of your peers is struggling? Have you ever wanted to help but were unsure of what words to say? Oftentimes, it can be hard to offer help to someone of the same age or status. It can feel as though you do not have words to offer that [...]

Depression, Suicide, and NSSI

September is suicide awareness month. Being aware of warning signs for Depression, Suicide, and Self-Injury is one thing that can help those struggling who may not be open and ready to talk about it. Knowing these warning signs can help you better support the people you care about. [...]

Accessing Supports And Services

Asking for help is tough, but it can be exhausting doing everything on your own. It’s also a sign of strength to ask for help because it shows you want to make changes for yourself. Since it’s not an easy thing to do, here are some tips on how to use your current supports and how to take the next steps to start therapy when you’re ready: [...]

Reflecting On Life During COVID-19

Never in my wildest dreams or imagination could I have known how COVID-19 would impact and change our world. But as the months progress I reflect upon how this time will shape us and help us to grow as an individual, community, [...]

Building Supports For Kendall County

2020 has been such an eventful year, it is almost hard to believe it is only July. The beginning of this new decade has brought up a lot of impactful waves of change. An individual’s ability to positively cope and feel supported during all this may not seem as important to them. However, [...]

If you are human, you fit in

Racism and inequity have been on our minds extensively over the last few weeks and rightfully so. As Americans continue to mourn the loss of George Floyd, and the many Black lives lost, many seek justice in what seems to be an uphill battle. [...]

Dancing As Therapy? Yes!

What is Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT)? Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT) is a psychotherapy that uses movement as the primary intervention for behavioral and mental health. It operates on the premise that the mind and body are connected, and the body houses all of our experiences—good and bad. We have witnessed [...]

Staying On and Strong during the Covid19 Outbreak

These are interesting times that we are living in currently. Things are changing rapidly and our routines are entirely thrown off. We are focusing on community wellness…at least for physical health. Let’s take a moment to talk about our mental health. [...]

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